Elevens Photography | About
I am first and foremost a wife, and mom of three amazing children. However, I am also a friend, teacher, and photographer, among many other things. I have a true love for photography that developed at a very young age. For as long as I can remember, I had a camera with me on any outing my family went on. While my love of the camera started at an early age, my true development of my skills occurred after I graduated from college. I am 100% self-taught, and strive to push myself to better my photography on a regular basis.

The name Elevens Photography comes from my own children. My oldest was born in the eleventh month of the year, my middle child was born on the eleventh day of the month, and my youngest was born in the eleventh year of the century. Elevens Photography does not have a specialty. I photograph everything from babies to weddings, seniors to families, products, events, and much more. I am passionate about my photography and want to give clients nothing but the best. I want to present you with images that capture that time in your life, whatever it may be. My home studio is located in Elk Grove, but I will travel outside of Elk Grove and Sacramento.

In capturing meaningful images for you, I strive to make every client feel as comfortable and relaxed as I can. Part of that is letting you know a little bit about me. So, here are the random, perhaps slightly interesting, tidbits about me. I have a huge love for history, especially anything World War II. I am a part-time high school history teacher. I love planning parties, hosting events, basically being around people. Purple is my favorite color. Experiencing Disneyland through the eyes of my children never gets old or boring. I am a Virgo, meaning that I am a perfectionist and type A personality. I promise to bring my perfectionist approach to life in capturing the moments that make your life’s memories.

Please contact me, Stacey, at elevensphotography@gmail.com or (916) 714-4985 if you have any questions or want to book your session.